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This beautiful volume, 108 pages (240 x 215 mm) of exquisite art work in full colour, photographed by Jim Pratt, and designed by Simon Fraser, includes a biographical introduction by the writer Gerda Stevenson (a close friend of the artist's daughter), and photos of Christian and her family from different periods of her long life. Woven in and out of the paintings are poems by Gerda, and Christian's thoughts in prose as imagined with poignant eloquence by her daughter Jenny Alldridge. 

2018 marks the centenary of British women gaining the vote for the first time, and also the end of the First World War. This book tells a very personal narrative which reverberates powerfully with these events - a story of family, the legacy of war, women’s place in society, motherhood, community and, above all, one woman's extraordinary artistry.

All profits from the initial print run have been dedicated to an art project in West Linton Primary School.


This book is now re-published by Scotland Street Press. For further news and for publication availability, please see their website.





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