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"The Art of Christian Small"

Friday 19th April – Sunday 26th May, 2019

This exhibition brings several works into the public domain for the first time. It showcases a variety of art-work from private collections and includes landscapes, portraits and still life. You will discover a mixture of techniques and medi-ums, such as watercolour, graphite and collage.

Several of the pieces are supported by poems by Gerda Stevenson and text by Jenny Alldridge. “Truly wonderful watercolours, So much to glory in”. Liz Lochhead. “A gifted artist”. iSCOT

A fun day out for all the family!
Standard museum entry charges apply (free to ML12 visitors).
For more info, please email:
or call 01899 221050.

August 2018

Live Borders are hosting an exhibition of Christian's art in Chambers Institute, Peebles throughout August:

Sat 4th Aug - Sun 2nd Sept
The Chambers Institution is home to the Tweeddale Museum and Gallery, a museum, library and art gallery at Peebles in the Scottish Borders area of Scotland.

September 2018

Sunday 2 September 2.30 (about an hour)
Poetry inspired by the art of Christian Small, written and read by Gerda Stevenson, an award-winning Scottish actress, director and writer.
Tickets £10 including a glass of wine

Chambers Institution,
High St,
EH45 8AG
Phone: 01721 724820



Rose Stalks in snow

My lines mark absence,
the long lack, when sap lies low
and only thorns show;
footprints my presence,
recorded ephemera
on yesterday’s snow.
White fills in blank space,
telling tales of buried things;
silence – no bird sings.
Hoarfrost-wizened leaves
cling to withered tendrils, chilled
remnants in stilled air.
At eyeline’s corner,
edging my monochrome frame,
faded berries stain.
Though this season numbs,
I’ll bide my time till Spring’s core
calls colour from the store.

Gerda Stevenson