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Inside and Out –the Art of Christian Small was launched in West Linton, in the Scottish borders, on the 10th June 2018.

Ten weeks later we had sold our 500 books and were facing a clamouring for a reprint! However, the money used to design and print the book was the result of a generous grant from the Alice Hamilton Trust in West Linton. Part of our commitment to this Trust was to use any proceeds to fund a dedicated art project in West Linton Primary School.

We are currently investigating other options for a reprint: raising money ourselves or finding another publisher who would take it over.

The book has had such a wonderful reception that we are keen to investigate all avenues.

You could help by emailing us to express your interest. That way we could build up a list of possible customers which would enable us to gauge future interest. Our guarantee would be to reply in the first instance, keep your data private and keep you updated.

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